The Future is Near! > Simon Versnel in 'Love-ism' by Mor Shani and Paul Sixta > 'Vader' and 'A Louer' by Peeping Tom > 'Viaggio Nella Dopo-Storia' and 'Trilogie de nos vies défaites' 2 films by Vincent Dieutre

While 'A Louer' by Peeping Tom was successfully touring all over the globe, there was also a collaboration in Rotterdam with Mor Shani, the Israelian choreographer (based in the Netherlands), who was creating, together with filmmaker/photographer Paul Sixta, his project 'LOVE–ISM'. This ended up in a short production on the stage and in several short dance-films, shown at Festivals all over the world. It was a great time doing this!

Simon in 'Vader' by Peeping Tom. Photo: Oleg Degtiarov > The year 2014 was mainly filled with the creating-process of the next creation of Peeping Tom's 'Vader' (the first part of a trilogy), which show premiered in Ludwigshafen (Germany) at the 10th. of May that year. This show was immediately a huge success and is touring all over the world. Recently, the 10th. of March 2016, it was performed a 100 times! And it still is going on.

Simon in Viaggio Nella Dopo-Storia by Vincent Dieutre. > In March 2014 there was the turning-period of the film 'Viaggio Nella Dopo-Storia', a film by Vincent Dieutre (Paris), based on the film 'Viaggio in Italia' (1954) by Roberto Rossellini. To turn this film Simon stayed in Napels for some time, where the story was taking place. Quite a new experience, but what a fantastic one! This film had his official Premiere at the famous Film Festival of Berlin in February 2015.

In 2015 'Vader' was played a lot and in March of that year the turning took place of the second film by Vincent Dieutre in which Simon is performing. This film is called 'Trilogie de nos vies défaites'.

In 2013, the 8th. and 9th. of February, the monologue 'Verbaas me' - about the life of Sergej Diaghilev - was first performed in Theater 'Walhalla' in Rotterdam. This was a very important event for Simon, as he was working so hard on it and finally did what he wanted to do for such a long time. There were times, during the last year, when he was writing the play, that he thought he WAS Diaghilev and this man became a kind of a friend to him. The audience liked the play and Simon is still performing it, in between the busy schedule of 'Peeping Tom'. The text of 'Verbaas me' was published in a little book (which is for sale before and after the show). Photo: Danielle Van Zadelhoff.

The Future is Near! > 2013: Simon Versnel solo in The life of Sergej Pavlovitsj Diaghilev

Already for a long time Simon was thinking about this plan, but did not really dare to start it. But as a result of playing Porselein, which in fact was a short monologue, he decided to give it a try and started to think about an interesting subject for this play. He finally found his inspiration in the life of Sergej Pavlovitsj Diaghilev, the famous Russian impresario and Art-collector, founder of the well-known Ballets Russes and lover of the star-dancer Vaslav Nijinski. After a long period of research Simon started writing and now (August 2012) the first rough version of the text is sent to several friends to give him feed-back, in order to finish it and playing it. The Opening Night is fixed at the 8th and 9th of February 2013, in the lovely small theatre Walhalla at Katendrecht in Rotterdam. The play is called: Verbaas me (Etonne-moi), a well-known expression of Diaghilev. It is project that is important to Simon, as it is something completely coming out of his own mind and heart.

The Future is Near > 2010: Simon Versnel in Porcelein van Muziektheater Transparant!

Trailer for Porcelein by Muziektheater Transparant.

The Future is Near > From 2007 to 2009: Young Directors Award, Salzburg, On The Road With Peeping Tom, Movies, More!

Simon at the set of the movie Toen de lucht gekleurd werd (Directed by Martijn de Jong / Music by Herman Witkam, 16mm). 2008

Try-Out Waiting for Godot with Peter Goedhart. 2008

Peeping Tom with Karl Heinz Böhm in Salzburg. 2007

Simon receives The Young Directors Award 2007 by MontBlanc on behalf of The Collective Peeping Tom. 2007

With Viviane de Muynck, at The Festspiele Salzburg in Ein Fest fur Boris from Thomas Berhard. 2007

The Future is Near! > Simon Versnel with Marieke van Leeuwen on Location in Groothandelsgebouw with De Sprekende Stad by Theater-bedrijf Bonheur!

This summer Simon performed, together with the Rotterdam actress Marieke van Leeuwen, in a De Sprekende Stad on location with Theater-bedrijf Bonheur. They were playing in the famous Rotterdam Business  building near the Central Station, het Groothandels Gebouw, and the public was delighted by it. It was directed by Ruurt de Maesschalck, who asked Simon to take part in the new short production of Bonheur, during the Witte de With-Festival in September this year.

The Future is Near! > Simon Versnel in Het begin van het einde van het begin!

About the End[lesness] of Existence. Een Lantaren/Venster Productie | Madeleen Bloemendaal (coproductie Huis van Bourgondië).

We see an old man at a Place of Passage after death. He's at a recording studio where the last pages of a life's story are registered. A young woman comes along. She brings a last breeze of life which awakes an endless urge. A desire for a new beginning.

Concept/tekst: Madeleen Bloemendaal. | Spel: Simon Versnel, Madeleen Bloemendaal. | Begeleiding: Nicole Vervloed. | Bewegings begeleiding: Marjan Wolfseher. Decor/kleding: Marjo van der Pols. Lichtontwerp: Dennis Vooren. Animaties: Madeleen Bloemendaal. Fotografie: Hajo Piebenga. Grafisch ontwerp: Jelle van der Hijden. Publiciteit: Hans Merts. Productieleiding: Pieterjan Jacobs. Artistieke leiding: Dave Schwab.

The Future is Near! > Simon Versnel as James Ensor in Het Fantastisch Bal by Bonheur!

8, 9 & 10 SEPTEMBER 2006

Enter the world of James Ensor. A theatrical Vernissage in the Chabotmuseum in Rotterdam. With Simon Versnel, Titus Boonstra, Martine Crefcoeur en Urmie Plein. Director: Ruurt De Maesschalck.

Also visit the update of the 2006 Curriculum Entry.

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The Future is Near! > Watch Video!

The Future is Near! > Dead Cat Bounce has won the ZDF-Theaterkanalpreis!

The theater section and a jury from ZDF (one of the public TV-channels in Germany) has given an award to the performance Dead Cat Bounce. It was said to be a politically and socially relevant and especially an artistically and aesthetically convincing performance of the Festival Politik im Freien Theater.

The Festival will take place this month of November and the performance will be filmed and later broadcasted on ZDF-television.

The performance Dead Cat Bounce is still playing at different Festivals in Europe and whenever Simon is asked for it and there is time to do it, he joins the group.

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The Future is Near! > Also The Goethe Institute Award for Death Cat Bounce!

The Goethe Institute awards one of the Festival productions with a prize of 10,000 Euro as a grant for subsidising one or more performances of the prize-winner's work at partner festivals of the Goethe Institute abroad. The jury of the Goethe Institute, consisting of Martin Berg, Florian Malzacher and Jukka-Pekka Pajune, has awarded this year’s prize for the Politics in Fringe Theatre Festival to Dead Cat Bounce by the American video and theatrical artist Chris Kondek. His interactive didactic drama on the mechanisms of the stock-market is a reflection on the resource of time in the media age. Kondek has made video works for, among others, Robert Wilson, René Pollesch, Stefan Pucher, Michael Nyman, Meg Stuart, Laurie Anderson and the Wooster Group. He has been staging his own plays since 2000.

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The Future is Near! > Simon at MSN!

Simon at MSN! As Simon is always a busybody he pops up at the strangest places. For instance at this webcam ad for MSN messenger, where he plays the part of Hubert Engelmoer, who's grandchildren get a personal talkshow by webcam on a daily base!

The Future is Near! > Le Salon

Latest News! As a result of the huge success of le Salon and the great reviews (f.e. in La Liberation!), Peeping Tom is playing a lot.
Especially Autumn 2005 and the first months of 2006 the group travels with le Jardin and le Salon all over Europe.

Interviews are given at Radio and T.V., press-conferences are a normal part of the work now and Festivals invite Peeping Tom to show the new performance.

The planning is to go on with both shows until the end of 2006. While doing this Peeping Tom will start the creation of a new performance in September/October 2006.

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The Future is Near! > Rumours

There are certain rumours about a big part in a movie, but when there is more to tell about this you will read it here.

Uzes-Quintet movie at Arte + on tour!

Franck Chartier
Gabriela CarrizoGabriela CarrizoFranck Chartier

During the Summer of 2003, when Peeping Tom was performing at the Festival de la Nouvelle Danse in Uzes [France], Catherine Maximoff made a short film for the Arte. It is an impression of 5 different dance-companies who were present at the Festival and the film is called Uzes Quintet. This film now makes a big tour to all kind of different film-festivals in Amsterdam, Brisbane, Thessaloniki, Los Angeles and New York. Just recently it got the Certificate of Distinction in Durham. Peeping Tom is very proud to be part of this film, especially when we remember the circumstances under which we had to shoot the film: Gabriela almost 5 months pregnant, doing some parts of the performance over and over again in an extremely hot old stone-mine, where the film-team and us could not stay one moment without protection for the sun, etc. In the meantime we heard that Arte planned to make a new film, this time only about Le Salon, the new production of Peeping Tom. Preparations for this will start at the end of this year, when Le Salon has had its opening night. We are looking forward to this event!

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Heart to Heart in Seoul!

heart by heart | Franck and Simonheart by heart | Franck Chartierheart by heart | Simon Versnelheart by heart |  AHN JUNG-HYUN

This month we've been travelling with Le Jardin to Seoul in Korea, where we've been performing very succesfully at the famous Modafe Dancefestival they organise there, now for more than 23 years. 

Because of the success of Le Jardin we have been interviewed for 25 minutes on the very popular National Television-programme Heart to Heart By Arirang TV which is presented by AHN JUNG-HYUN.

This interview can be seen in Real Audio at the website of Arirang.
You can login for free after registering and go the the archive of Hearts to Heart [video on demand] and choose and click on a smallband or broadbandversion.

Video Now Offline Due to Arirang TV Rotation Schedule!

Arirang TV korea > Login > English > Programs > Heart to Heart > Search No. Pulldownmenu > By content > fill in Peeping Tom < Or search for:
310 APR/28/2004 Heart to Heart #584 Simon Versnel, Franck Chartier.

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