Simon Versnel is an actor and a singer [Baritone]. He was born in Rotterdam [The Netherlands] in 1947 and was educated as a classical singer under the Rotterdam based singing-teacher Dini Erkens. Since 1979 he is performing both as an actor and a singer in national and international productions. Most recently in Le Jardin [Peeping Tom] and Dead Cat Bounce [The Chris Kondek Group].

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Simon Versnel as a Young ActorSimon Versnel as a Young Actor
Simon Versnel has given several recitals, opera-concerts and concerts of Chamber-music between 1979 and 1989, in the Netherlands and in France.

In 1979 Simon joined the semi-professional production De Mislukking [The Failure], directed by Paul van der Kruk and produced by Theater De Engelenbak in Amsterdam. It was the first time he played and sang in this theatre, where he would return ten years later to perform in La Perichole.

In january 1981 he gave a recital in Alpe d'Huez [France] with music by Brahms, Gluck, Faure and Ravel. Together with pianist Jos Mineur, he performed in the big modern cathedral Centre Notre-Dame-des-Neiges. Two years later they performed there again with Schuberts Winterreise, which was later also performed in Holland. Various concerts followed during the following years, accompanied by Fenny Hoepelman [1984 and 1985] and Corine Touboul [1988] at the piano.

In 1981 Simon Versnel made his first Opera debute. The Opera was I Lombardi by Verdi, directed by Coen Ruivenkamp and performed by The Opera Bommelerwaard. In this opera Simon Versnel sang and played the parts of Pirro and Acciano.

Within the productions of The Vereniging Opera en Belcanto Bommelerwaard there were a lot of concerts in which Simon Versnel was singing different solo parts. These concerts were given from 1982 until 1986.

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Simon Versnel in The FailureSimon Versnel as Opera Singer
From 1989 on Simon Versnel started to perform as an actor, especially because he was asked to perform in Operas and Musicals.
Important parts he played were:

Don Andres in Offenbachs La Perichole [1989]
Directed by: Joop Fransen
Produced by: De Engelenbak, Amsterdam

Bruun the bear, in the opera Reynaert [1989]
Directed by: Joop Fransen
Produced by: Thalia, Amsterdam

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Simon Versnel in La PericholeSimon Versnel as Bruun the Bear
Simon Versnel performed in 1990 in the following plays:

William Shakespeare in Sondheims The Frogs [1990]
Directed by: Daniel Cohen
Produced by: Nederlands Slaapkamerkoor, Amsterdam

Sam in Trouble in Tahiti by Bernstein [1990]
Directed by: Woedy Woed
Produced by: Stichting Operalab, Amsterdam

Petruccio | Fred in Kiss me, Kate! by Cole Porter [1990]
Directed by: Robert Grijsen
Produced by: Loek Elich

Huckleby in The Fantasticks by Smith and Jones [1990]
Directed by: Daniel Cohen
Produced by: De Hoofstad Operette, Amsterdam

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Robert Grijsen
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Simon Versnel in The frogsSimon Versnel in Kiss me KateSimon Versnel in The Fantasticks
Simon Versnel performed in the period 1991-1992 in:

Pipertrunck in Offenbachs Le Roi Carotte [1991]
Directed by: Joop Fransen
Produced by:
Thalia, Amsterdam

In the summer of 1991 Simon Versnel joined a course in acting before the camera, which was followed by a course by The Open Studio in Amsterdam in 1992.

In the meantime he played different parts in several short movies:

A Japanese/English film, made for the Holland-exhibition in Nagasaki in Japan, produced by the Japanese Filmcompany Showboat and PMC-Pictures in London. This film was directed by Tsugumi Kitaura.

A part of the Dutch Televison-series Twaalf steden, dertien ongelukken for Vara Broadcasting.

Gehoort op zeeckere tooverije..., a film about Witch-trials in 1595, directed by Joost van de Port.

From 1991 on Simon Versnel performed a lot with the group Friends in Music. During several years this group toured through Holland with different programs, in which they sang Opera, Operette, Musical and all kinds of other songs. Today this group is very successful under the name of Exquisite.

Starting in 1992 various theater-productions followed, in which Simon Versnel performed as an actor/singer.

Untitled [Cowboys] later: United-C [1992]
Directed by: Maarten van der Put
Produced by: Tegentijd [Eindhoven] 

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Simon Versnel in a Movie by Tsugumi KitauraSimon Versnel in the group Friends in MusicSimon Versnel in Untitled Cowboys
Simon Versnel performed in 1993 in the following plays:

Blue Peter [1993]
Directed by: Maarten van der Put
Produced by: Het Zuidelijk Toneel, Monty [Antwerpen] 
and Bis [Den Bosch] 

Zwavel en Stroop by Dennis Potter [1993]
Directed by: Claire Leenaers
Produced by: Plaze Futura [Eindhoven] 

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Simon Versnel in Blue PeterSimon Versnel in Zwavel en Stroop
Simon Versnel performed in 1994 in:

Point Blank [1994]
Directed by: Maarten van der Put
Produced by: Monty [Antwerpen] 

Don Quijote [1994]
Directed by: Grace Ellen Barkey
Produced by: Needcompany [Brussels], Theater am Turm [Frankfurt]

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Simon Versnel in Point BlankSimon Versnel in Don Quijote
Simon Versnel performed in 1995 in:

Tres [1995]
Directed by: Grace Ellen Barkey
Produced by: Needcompany [Brussels], Theater am Turm [Frankfurt]

Le Salon [1995]
In the Summer of 1995 Simon Versnel, Loes Vos, Peter Goedhart and Janine de Leeuw created the hilarious production Le Salon. It was especially made for the famous Hotel New York in Rotterdam and was very successful. The atmosphere of the French Salons at the beginning of 1900 was reproduced in the Bals-zaal of the Hotel.
Rien Kroon gave some dramaturgical advice.

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Simon Versnel in TresSimon Versnel in Le Salon
Simon Versnel performed in the period 1996-1997 in:

Macbeth [1996]
Directed by: Jan Lauwers
Produced by: Needcompany [Brussels], Theater am Turm [Frankfurt]

The three last productions [
Don Quijote, Tres and Macbeth] had successful tours in Europe and were played a lot in 1996 and 1997.

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Simon Versnel in MacbethSimon Versnel in Don QuijoteSimon Versnel in Tres
Simon Versnel performed in 1998 in:

Rood, Red, Rouge [1998]
Directed by: Grace Ellen Barkey
Produced by: Needcompany and STUC [Leuven] 

Caligula [1998]
Directed by: Jan Lauwers 
Produced by: Needcompany for Documenta X [Kassel]  

Thuis [1998]
Directed by: Tessa du Mee
Produced by: Huis aan de Amstel [Amsterdam] 
Also recorded and shown by VPRO-television 

Vuilnis [1998]
Collaboration with Loes Vos and Cynthia Abma.
Directed by: Peter Goedhart
Produced for: The Parade in the summer of 1998.

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Simon Versnel in Rood, Red, RougeSimon Versnel in ThuisSimon Versnel in Vuilnis
Simon Versnel performed in 1999 in:

Morning Song [1999]
Directed by: Jan Lauwers
Produced by: Needcompany, Theatre de la Ville [Paris]
and Hebbel Theater [Berlin] 

The Miraculous Mandarin [1999]
Directed by: Grace Ellen Barkey
Produced by: Needcompany and Bergen 2000. 

King Lear [1999]
Directed by: Jan Lauwers
Produced by: Needcompany, Schauspielhaus Hamburg 
and Kaaitheater [Brussels] 

In September 1999 Simon Versnel played in a video, recorded in Brussels by the video-artist Marie Jose Burki. From this video she made an installation, which is shown in museums all over the world. It was called To pass round the cakes, and was later changed in Mais que pouvait bien raconter Saint Francois aux oiseaux.

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Simon Versnel in Morning SongSimon Versnel in Morning SongSimon Versnel in The Miraculous Mandarin
Simon Versnel in To Pass Round The cakes
Simon Versnel performed in 2000 in:

Serendipity [Parts 6, 7 and 9] [2002]
Directed by: Annekee van Blokland
Produced by: Theatergroup Bonheur [Rotterdam]

Few Things [2002]
Directed by: Grace Ellen Barkey
Produced by: Needcompany, Brussels 2000 and Bergen 2000. 
This production was a remake of The Miraculous Mandarin.

The productions of Needcompany travelled all over Europe and to New York and Tokyo, where especially Morning Song and Few Things became a big hit.

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Simon Versnel performed in 2001 in:

Retakes of King Lear, Morning Song and Few Things. [2001]

During the summer of 2001 the first movie of Needcompany, The Goldfish Game, was shot. The opening-night was in April 2002 in Brugge. The movie was directed by Jan Lauwers and the scenario was written by him and Dick Crane. Simon Versnel played the part of Leopold Grandiflora. 

At the end of 2001 the contract with Needcompany ended and Simon Versnel decided to leave the group.

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Simon Versnel in Le JardinSimon Versnel in Dead Cat BounceSimon Versnel in To Pass Round The cakesSimon Versnel in Le Salon

The period 2002-2004 is full of activities for Simon Versnel:

In 2002 Simon Versnel joined the young Brussels dance-theater-collective Peeping Tom [Franck Chartier and Gabriela Carrizo]. This group made the production Le Jardin and is travelling all over the world with it during 2003 and 2004. 

In 2003 Simon Versnel also joined the group of the American Video-artist Chris Kondek, with whom he made Dead Cat Bounce, produced by The Rotterdamse Schouwburg. This production travels through Europe in 2004.

In 2003, together with his friend ands colleagues Franck Chartier and Gabriela Carrizo [Peeping Tom], Simon Versnel gave his first Workshop in Corsica. This was followed by a Workshop in Zurich, in January 2004 and in the Summer of this same year he was teaching during one week at the Impulstanz-Festival in Vienna. 

In February 2004 another video by the video-artist Marie Jose Burki was recorded in Brussels, in which Simon Versnel was one of the actors. This installation will be shown in galleries and Museums worldwide. 

As a result of the enormous success of the production Le Jardin by Peeping Tom, a lot of theaters and festivals offered to be co-producer of the next production of Peeping Tom. In the Spring of 2004 a start was made with the creation of Le Salon. This creation took a big part of the Summer and in November it had its Opening Night in Villeneuve d'Ascq. From that moment on a very successful tour started, which will last until the end of 2006.

In january 2004 there was the premiere in Zurich of a filmed documentary about four artists: Raimund Hoghe, Ju Gosling, Simon Versnel and Milli Bitterli. They were filmed during their last performance [for Simon that was Le Jardin by Peeping Tom], and during a long interview. This was an initiative of the Institut fur Theorie der Gestaltung und Kunst and part of a project called  Asthetik der Verletzbarkeit [Aesthetics of Vulnerability]. The leader of the project was Gesa Ziemer and the film called Augen blicken, was made by Gitta Gsell.

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Le Salon by Peeping TomLe Salon by Peeping TomSimon Versnel in Le Salon by Peeping TomLe Salon by Peeping Tom

Simon Versnel all over Europe in 2005.

The huge success of Le Salon means a lot of performances all over Europe and sometimes even in other continents. During this tours Le Jardin is also played a lot. Some theaters want to have both performances after each other. [
watch the video of Le Salon ]

Together with Euridike de Beul [the wonderful singer in Le Salon] and some other people, Simon is teaching again a Summer-Workshop in Belgium [St. Niklaas].

The performance Dead Cat Bounce is still playing at different Festivals in Europe and whenever Simon is asked for it and there is time to do it, he joins the group.

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Le Salon by Peeping TomLe Salon by Peeping TomLe Salon by Peeping TomLe Salon by Peeping Tom

Simon Versnel with Peeping Tom in Europe and Korea in 2006.

As already announced in 2005, le Jardin and le Salon were played a lot. Actually, from the start of le Salon, in November 2004, this production has been played constantly until now (summer of 2006) and will continue to be played until the end of this year. There are also bookings for 2007 already.

The group travelled all over Europe and even again to Korea, to play at the famous MODAFE-festival there. A lot of European countries were added to the playing-list, such as Spain, different Scandinavian countries, Hungary and Greece. In France, in fact, there are almost no cities to find any more, where Peeping Tom did not perform. This was also due to the fact,that the readers of the well-known dance magazine Danser, choose le Salon as the best dance-performance of 2005.

Simon Versnel in Le JardinSimon Versnel in Le Salon by Peeping TomSimon Versnel in Le Salon by Peeping TomLe Salon by Peeping Tom

Le Sous Sol

In September this year Peeping Tom will start the creation of le Sous Sol. Although this will be part three of the trilogy, Simon decided not to participate in this new production. After twelve years of travelling (eight years with Needcompany and four years with Peeping Tom), he is longing to work in Holland and even, if possible, in Rotterdam. The group, however, asked him to join them in creating le Sous Sol, which he will do and, of course, he will play the other two productions as long as they are programmed by theaters or festivals.

James Ensor

In September 2006, during the Witte de With-Festival in Rotterdam, Simon will play the painter James Ensor in the Chabot Museum, where they show at that time work of Ensor. Three other actors will also play a monologue in this interesting production, made by the theater-group Bonheur.

In February 2007 there will be a project of the Lantaren/Venster, in Rotterdam, in which Simon will participate too. Further information about this will follow later.

Dead Cat Bounce

Dead Cat Bounce | The Chris Kondek GroupDead Cat Bounce | The Chris Kondek GroupDead Cat Bounce | The Chris Kondek GroupSimon Versnel in Dead Cat Bounce

In the meantime, there were also performances going on from Dead Cat Bounce with the Chris Kondek-group. This production got two awards, about which you can read more in the Online Notebook.
There were performances in Warschau and in August this production goes to Finland.

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Le Salon by Peeping TomLe Salon by Peeping TomLe Salon by Peeping TomLe Salon by Peeping Tom

Simon Versnel reaches the age of 60 and is still going strong!

The main work in the beginning of 2007 was finishing the creation of le Sous Sol, the third part of the trilogy by Peeping Tom. Of course we managed to do that and in March there was Opening Night in Brussels.
It was a great success and immediately there were theater- and festival-directors, which ordered the whole trilogy. So during the year 2007 there still will be a lot of performances by Peeping Tom, in which Simon has to play.

In February the Rotterdam production Het begin van het einde van het begin opened in theater Lantaren/Venster. It was directed by Madeleen Bloemendaal and she was playing a part in it too, together with Simon. Reactions were very positive and it was a pleasure doing it.

Dead Cat Bounce performed in Zurich, Vienna and Tel Aviv, every time again a big success. This year this play travels to Moskou and Hong Kong, unfortunately without Simon, because he will be on stage then with Peeping Tom! Well, You can't have it all, is'nt it?

This summer Simon performed, together with the Rotterdam actress Marieke van Leeuwen, in a De Sprekende Stad on location with Theater-bedrijf Bonheur. They were playing in the famous Rotterdam Business  building near the Central Station, het Groothandels Gebouw, and the public was delighted by it. It was directed by Ruurt de Maesschalck, who asked Simon to take part in the new short production of Bonheur, during the Witte de With-Festival in September this year.

So, besides the performances of Peeping Tom, which will start in July/August at the famous Salzburger Festspiele, Simon will play again in his home-town.

It seems to become a busy year again, the year in which Simon reached the age of 60! We will keep you informed!!

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Le Salon by Peeping TomLe Salon by Peeping TomLe Salon by Peeping TomLe Salon by Peeping Tom

The year 2008 was mainly the year of playing with Peeping Tom.

The first two parts of the Trilogy were asked a lot and part 3, le Sous Sol, which was finished at the end of 2007, was of course the main thing to do for the group. Simon decided not to join this part 3, because he wanted to stop travelling so much and would like to work more and more in Rotterdam. He took part however in creating the third part. The funny thing was, that when the group played everywhere part 3, a lot of theater-directors now wanted to buy the whole trilogy, to show it in one week or three weeks in a row to the public. So this happened, and now there are already trilogies planned until the end of 2009, but not as frequent as before. Anyway, in 2008 Peeping Tom still travelled a lot with whatever part of their three shows. And again it was a big success in whatever part of the world they played it.

In between there was some time to make a nice short film with students of the Amsterdam Film Academy and to join the escort-service in Rotterdam, raised by Linde Masdorp, an escort-service for well-educated women, who need a man to join them at parties, dinners, opening nights and whatever! Fun to do and a nice job, next to the acting. And the year was finished before we even knew it!

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Le Salon by Peeping TomLe Salon by Peeping TomLe Salon by Peeping TomLe Salon by Peeping Tom

The planning that was made for 2009 and 2010 worked out well and there were different things that became reality!

First (in February-March) there was the theatre-play Kleinkind gezocht, written and directed by Maarten Bakker, as a production of Bonheur in Rotterdam. In this play Simon played, together with Marieke van Leeuwen, an older couple, surrounded by their 6 grand-children. The theme was old versus young, modern times in which the young ones struggle with their identity and the old ones in fact do the same and have to cope with the changes in life. It was a nice show with a good team and the audience was quite happy with it, as well as we were.

Then, from the 9th of September till the 4th of October, Naar Wijder Horizon was performed, a play about the people who emigrated from Holland to Australia, America and Canada in the 50ties. Debbie Korper and Simon played a couple of farmers, going for the big trip to Australia. It was situated in the Steinwegkantine in Katendrecht, Rotterdam, a very beautiful and characteristic place, extremely suitable for doing this musical-theatre-show. It was written by Don Duyns and directed by Nataliya Golofastova.

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Simon VersnelSimon VersnelSimon VersnelSimon Versnel

Porselein, Amygdala and A Louer!

In february of this year was the Opening Night of Porselein, a production of Muziektheater Transparant from Antwerp. It was directed by Wouter van Looy, written by Paul Verrept, with music composed by Jan van Outryve. Together with pianist Jeroen Malaise, singer Naomi Beeldens and Jochem Vanagt, and illustrated by beautiful video-images by Freija van Esbroeck and Paul Delissen, Simon, as an old man, told the story of his youth. A wonderful, precious text, played a lot, during several years (even until 2012!).

In June 2010, during the famous Operadagen in Rotterdam, there was Amygdala, a musical-theatre-play, written by Peter Swanborn and directed by Sjaron Minailo. It was an Opera, with compositions by Rita Knuistingh Neven, in which Simon played a man who lost his awareness of the world around him and tried to find back reality. The subtitle of the show was: If the body is stronger then the mind.

During 2010 there were from time to time short periods of creation of the new play of the Brussels group Peeping Tom, with the title A Louer (For Rent). The group contacted Simon and asked him to perform again with them, as the play was ment to celebrate the 10th birthday of the group and he had been with them almost from the beginning..

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Simon VersnelSimon VersnelSimon VersnelSimon Versnel

A Louer and The life of Sergej Pavlovitsj Diaghilev!

In 2011, the real creation-period of A Louer in Brussels started in the second half of the year and half October the play had its Opening Night. It is a strange, mysterious show, coming from the subconsciousness, in which a lot of things are not what they seem to be. A play full of surprising moments, great solo-dances and realistic scenes, next to dreams or nightmares. Directly from the beginning the show was a huge success. The audience as well as the Press liked it very much and, in fact, it became a bigger succes then all the shows before! No wonder that everywhere on the planet theatres want to show this play and it was, and still is, sold a lot. Peeping Tom traveled with it during the season 2011-2012 and will do this again in 2012-2013. Expectations are that even in the season after 2013 there will still be shows of A Louer!

In the meantime Simon developed the idea of writing a monologue. Already for a long time he was thinking about this plan, but did not really dare to start it. But as a result of playing Porselein, which in fact was a short monologue, he decided to give it a try and started to think about an interesting subject for this play. He finally found his inspiration in the life of Sergej Pavlovitsj Diaghilev, the famous Russian impresario and Art-collector, founder of the well-known Ballets Russes and lover of the star-dancer Vaslav Nijinski. After a long period of research Simon started writing and now (August 2012) the first rough version of the text is sent to several friends to give him feed-back, in order to finish it and playing it. The Opening Night is fixed at the 8th and 9th of February 2013, in the lovely small theatre Walhalla at Katendrecht in Rotterdam. The play is called: Verbaas me (Etonne-moi), a well-known expression of Diaghilev. It is project that is important to Simon, as it is something completely coming out of his own mind and heart!

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Simon VersnelSimon VersnelSimon VersnelSimon Versnel

Diaghilev, LOVE–ISM (Mor Shani), A Louer and Vader (Peeping Tom) and filming with Vincent Dieutre!

In 2013, the 8th and 9th of February, the monologue 'Verbaas me' - about the life of Sergej Diaghilev - was first performed in Theater 'Walhalla' in Rotterdam. This was a very important event for Simon, as he was working so hard on it and finally did what he wanted to do for such a long time. There were times, during the last year, when he was writing the play, that he thought he WAS Diaghilev and this man became a kind of a friend to him. The audience liked the play and Simon is still performing it, in between the busy schedule of 'Peeping Tom'. The text of 'Verbaas me' was published in a little book.

Simon VersnelSimon VersnelSimon Versnel

While ''A Louer'' was successfully touring all over the globe, there was also a collaboration in Rotterdam with Mor Shani, the Israelian choreographer (based in the Netherlands), who was creating, together with filmmaker/photographer Paul Sixta, his project 'LOVE–ISM'. This ended up in a short production on the stage and in several short dance-films, shown at Festivals all over the world. It was a great time doing this!

Simon VersnelSimon Versnel

The year 2014 was mainly filled with the creating-process of the next creation of Peeping Tom's 'Vader' (the first part of a trilogy), which show premiered in Ludwigshafen (Germany) at the 10th of May that year. This show was immediately a huge success and is touring all over the world. Recently, the 10th of March 2016, it was performed a 100 times! And it still is going on.

Simon VersnelSimon VersnelSimon Versnel

In March 2014 there was the turning-period of the film 'Viaggio Nella Dopo-Storia', a film by Vincent Dieutre (Paris), based on the film 'Viaggio in Italia' (1954) by Roberto Rossellini. To turn this film Simon stayed in Napels for some time, where the story was taking place. Quite a new experience, but what a fantastic one! This film had his official Premiere at the famous Film Festival of Berlin in February 2015.

Simon VersnelSimon Versnel

In 2015 'Vader' was played a lot and in March of that year the turning took place of the second film by Vincent Dieutre in which Simon is performing. This film is called 'Trilogie de nos vies défaites'.

Simon VersnelSimon VersnelSimon Versnel

At the end of this year Peeping Tom celebrated its 15th birthday! It was a good moment to look back at all the wonderful productions that this successful group created and at all the great years that Simon was working with them. A big part of his life and professional career is dedicated to this group, with pleasure and pride! In the meantime the first moments of talking about the new production 'Moeder', part two of the trilogy, took place. Now, at the end of March 2016 (while writing this), the touring with 'Vader' just ended for the moment. The group will concentrate, from April till the first performance in the end of September, on the making of 'Moeder'. During this period of 5 months, Simon will be in Brussels and in Rotterdam.

Simon VersnelSimon VersnelSimon Versnel

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